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Corrugated flexible pipe machine

Wavy flexible pipe is a type of pipe that drains, ventilated and protects cables. The machine that produces this type of pipe is known as the wavy flexible pipe maker. This MIDTECH pvc extruder was designed for corrugated pipes. In addition to making the tubes easily deformable, the corrugations add strength.


There are several advantages of using the wavy flexible pipe machine over traditional machines. One of these is efficiency. It offers an opportunity to produce large quantities of pipes within a short period of time. Another advantage is versatility. Pipes can be fabricated with various widths and lengths by means of MIDTECH pvc pipe making machine in order to suit customer’s needs accordingly.

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How to use

The wavy flexible pipe machine has a user manual that guides operators on how to use it. It provides step-by-step instructions for operating the MIDTECH WPC profile extrusion machine from installation to maintenance. The manual should be followed exactly to ensure safe and effective operation


After-sales service is provided by the manufacturer of the wavy flexible pipe machine. They will install, train and maintain it. In addition, the company offers spare parts as well as technical advice for MIDTECH polythene recycling machine customers.


Materials used in making a wavy flexible pipe machine are high-quality ones. The material selection makes sure that the MIDTECH conical extruder lasts long and can tolerate hostile environments. Additional test confirming adherence to required standard is carried out on the machine itself.

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